Start now with Digital Signage

Are you ready to sell screens and dive into connecting screens over the internet, screen management, on-site setup, and technical support?

This doesn’t really sound like anything sign companies should be dealing with. However, we do see that digital is replacing traditional signage more and more. Should you just accept this or rather look for interesting ways to get into this playing field, too?

Plastic Fantastic

If I can avoid using plastic, I do. Not only in design but also in everyday objects or appliances. If plastic is used, I believe there should be a good reason for it, and preferably it shouldn’t be price, (which it usually is).

Static vs Flexible vs Digital

Wayfinding… I am this guy who gets lost in the smallest places but knows his way in large areas. Let’s call it short-sighted.

Being in the Signage industry for 27 years, I have seen many things changing. In the beginning, I was installing Sign Systems and many years later I was working as a salesman. Obviously, I do appreciate a timeless Static Modular Sign System to help me find my way.