Paul Koch

Paul Koch

Tactile signage

In order for any building to open up to the public, many specific requirements must be met. One of them is Signage. Following these rules will ensure that every person can enjoy unimpeded access to any building and that the company will not have to worry about fines and lawsuits for not being compliant.

Along with our production partner Modulex we are able to create the best quality tactile and braille solutions in the market. 

Apart from the usage of tactile signage to assist the visually impaired, the technology applied to create such signs can also be used for aesthetic and decorative reasons. We can add amazing effects using gloss and matt finishing combinations and the same 3D inks in order to create very realistic patterns on a wide range of materials, such as imitating wooden surfaces, etc.

Feel free to contact us for more information about 3D and tactile printing applications.