Signdev Forma

Signdev Forma is the most versatile sign system on the market today. It offers the signmaker complete creative flexibility and it requires a very short installation and assembly time. The Signdev Forma design is available in wall-mounted, suspended, perpendicular, and desk signs.


The folded aluminum concept of Signdev Forma consists of the mounting base, which is folded towards the front side and becomes a part of the visible base of the design. It can be produced in any color with the visible screw included. The product line can be combined with any material such as Acrylic, Aluminium, Wood, PVC, but also textiles or even leather can be installed. Additionally, ambient lighting is possible with certain materials.


There is no need for a separate mounting solution. As the single connection screw has the same color, it blends in with the aesthetics of the design seamlessly, and therefore installation time is extremely quick.