Signdev Melody is an innovative interior sign system with a vintage look inspired by the 70’s Portable radios. It offers the signmaker creative flexibility and it requires a very short installation and assembly time. The Signdev Melody design is available in wall-mounted, suspended, perpendicular and desk signs.
Signdev Melody product line is designed primarily for wood, with a Chromaluxe® front panel snapped into place with magnets. It is also possible to use an acrylic front panel with a paper inlay combined with a wooden or PVC body.






Apart from their elegant design, which can seamlessly match your interior decoration, all Signdev product lines have unique features that elevate their functionality and fulfill their wayfinding purpose.


  • Wall-mounted Signdev W signs can be installed with MountOne, the unique invisible one-screw mounting system. With MounOne back-panel, the sign can be installed very fast and stay stable and unmovable in its place!


  • Perpendicular Signdev P series is the only perpendicular sign system in the market that swings when it is being hit or pushed by accident, which can happen in case it is mounted lower on a wall. Due to an innovative magnetic system, the sign will return by itself to its normal position and continue pointing the correct way to the visitors of your building!


  • Suspended Signdev S product lines can be installed with MountOne S, the unique invisible zero-screw mounting system that dramatically reduces the assembly time and can be used with any suspension cable system.


  • Desk Signdev D signs have a smart slider, which can change from the back between two (or more) choices, so people or colleagues know when you are too busy or not. Show your availability in the most discrete and stylish way!


Wall Mounted, Suspended, Perpendicular, Desk

Wood or PVC

Image / Inlay:
Chromaluxe® panel or Paper (with Acrylic cover)

Any size (Standard sizes available)

Signdev MountOne

Ambient Lighting:
Not available

Digital Screen:
In Development. Contact for more info.